Warning signs your dog needs a Vet

Dog's name: KUDOS
Dog cannot tell us that they are sick and that something is wrong with them. But as a pet owner you should be responsible to take care of your dog and its well being.

Always consult a veterinarian if your dog show any of the signs given below

(a) Refusal to eat food for more than one day
(b) Mouth pain or having trouble in eating
(c) Abnormal high body temperature, fever
(d) Excessive pain
(e) Sudden weight loss or weight gain
(f) Gradual weight loss
(g) Vomiting more than two times a day
(h) Call a vet immediately if the vomitus is bloody or dark
(i) Diarrhoea for more than one day
(j) Call a vet immediately if diarrhoea is bloody
(k) Drinking water excessively for more than one day (abnormal thirst)
(l) Increased urination, decreased urination, straining, difficult urination, bloody urine
(m) Abnormal and excessive salivation
(n) Excessive scratching or rubbing
(o) Excessive ear rubbing or head shaking
(p) Lameness for more than one day
(q) Eye discharge for more than one day
(r) Sluggishness, behavioral changes for more than one day
(s) Seizures or convulsions


  1. Great blog, I feel sleepy after reading all the above facts, but Kudos is not happy at all that he falls under such a topic because he feels that he is the most healthiest and mostest handsomostest among all.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these warning signs! My dog actually has been refusing to eat food for a couple of days, so maybe I should bring him in just to be safe. You mentioned that if a dog has a fever, that is another reason to bring it to see the vet. What is considered a normal body temperature for a dog?
    Megan | http://www.katohospital.ca/services.html