Salmonellosis in dogs

Salmonellosis is an acute or chronic infectious disease caused by Salmonella bacteria characterized by gastro-enteritis and septicaemia. It affects all species of animals, birds and human being.
Salmonellosis in dogs are caused by any one of more than 1000 Salmonella serotypes. The various signs and symptoms of salmonellosis in dogs lasts a week or longer . During that tjme of illness there is so much loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body that the disease becomes life threatening

How is salmonellosis transmitted in dogs?
Dogs gets infection from direct exposure with infected animals. Dogs shed Salmonella organisms in both their faeces and saliva and so soil, water and feed that are contaminated with infected are important source of infections. Infected dogs shed Salmonella organisms for very prolonged periods of time. Feeding the dog with raw or undercooked meat, pig ear dog treats, peanut butter etc that are contaminated with Salmonella organisms also transmits the disease.

Can man get salmonellosis from dog?
Salmonellosis is a zoonotic disease and so man can get the infection from infected dogs. Children and those with weak or impaired immune system are at high risk of getting infection.

What are the signs and symptoms of salmonellosis in dogs?
Signs and symptoms in dogs suffering from salmonellosis are as follows:
(a) High rise of temperature
(b) Refusal to eat food,
(c) Shock
(d) Loss of weight
(e) Depression
(f) Diarrhoea(Often contain blood or mucus)
(g) Vomiting (often with blood present)
(h) Lethargy,
(i) Dehydration
(j) Stomach Gurgling
(k) Stomach pain
(l) Spontaneous abortions
In rare cases, additional symptoms like joint pain, stiffness, swollen eyes may also be seen in dogs suffering from Salmonella infection.

How is salmonellosis diagnosed?
Salmonellosis is diagnosed on the basis of the following:
(a) Clinical signs like refusal to eat, vomiting etc
(b) Cultural examination- For isolation and identification of Salmonella organism
(d) Diagnostic test like FAT

How is salmonellosis treated in dogs?
Treatment for salmonellosis are as follows:
(a) Broad spectrum antibiotic like enrofloxacin, chloramphenicol, timethoprim-sulphamethoxazole,
(b) Fluid and electrolytes- In case of dehydration and to restore fluid and electrolyte loss
(c) Anti diarrhoeal drugs
(d) Plasma transfusion in case of severe endotoxaemia
Restrict feeding for several hours. After this, feed the dog in small quantity and frequently with food which are low in fat and easily digestible. If diarrhoea improves within 2-3 days, feed the original diet. Dogs should be given rest and its activity should be reduced.

In what way to prevent and control salmonellosis in dogs?
(a) Identification and isolation of infected animals from healthy dogs
(b) Don’t feed raw or undercooked meat to your dog
(c) Feed good quality food and store dogs food properly
(d) Don’t allow dogs to drink water from stagnant pool or pond
(e) Strict sanitary habits to be practised in your dog’s area.

In what way to control salmonellosis in man from dogs?
Wash your hands with antiseptic soap and warm water after handling dry pet foods and treats and also after petting, touching and feeding your dog.

What to do if your house has got Salmonella organisms?
Disinfect furniture, linen, premises, cage or kennel and all contaminated objects with bleach. Also washing at 55°C or 131°F or above kills Salmonella organisms.


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